Friday, 16 March 2012

Cornish Ghosts - a mixed lot

Cornwall is one of the most haunted counties in England. For any ghosthunter coming this way, it seems that there are more spooks and phantoms packed into the area than you could shake a stick at. Why this might be so is not entirely clear.

Some suggest that it is the Celtic inheritance of the Cornish that predisposes them to play hosts to the ghosts of the past. Whether this is because ghost prefer the Celts, or that the Celts are more credulous depends on the opinions of the researcher. Others think that it is simply that the Cornish are more inclined to talk about their ghosts than folk elsewhere. Some say that the lively tourist industry has served to preserve and publicise old stories that might have been overlooked elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, there are ghosts in plenty. Some are more active than others. A few are more terrifying than the rest. The phantoms of Cornwall are a fairly mixed bunch of spectres. This chapter looks at various types of ghosts in an attempt to bring some sort of order to the vast number of hauntings that the county can boast.

from Mysterious Cornwall by Rupert Matthews

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