Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Hertzke UFO Lands

While UFO reports had been piling up for some time in the later 1940s and early 1950s speculation was rife as to what the objects were. Some thought that they might be secret weapons being tested by the military of the USA or USSR. Others thought that they might be natural phenomena of some kind. Increasingly popular was the idea that the UFOs were alien spacecraft.

This latter idea began to gain some support when evidence started to be reported that the UFOs were solid, mechanical objects and that they were crewed by intelligent beings who were very definitely not human.

Early on a bright, October morning in 1965 Bill Hertzke was out riding on the Circle Jay Ranch some miles northwest of Calgary, Canada. He was a working cowboy given the task of bringing cattle down from the hills to the low ground for the winter. As he drove a small herd of cattle along a minor valley his horse suddenly shied. Looking round to see what had caused the problem, Hertzke saw what at first looked like a crashed aircraft. Hertzke rode up to investigate.

The object turned out to be a silver-grey craft about 16 feet long and 12 feet across. The sides had flanges or small wings shaped like those of a stooping bird of prey. On top of the front of the craft was a dome made of glass or some transparent material. There did not seem to be any obvious joins between the dome and the craft, nor were there any panel edges or any markings on the object itself. The craft seemed to have a single seamless skin of material. Inside the dome were two seats, each big enough to hold a child. There was a door about three feet tall set into one side of the craft. It was slightly open as if the two crew members had just popped out for some reason and would soon return. The craft was making a faint humming sound.

Hertzke was by now intrigued. He had a good look around the area for the crew, but could find nobody so he returned to the craft and began to study it more closely. In front of the seats was a flat screen about 14 inches across, though nothing was displayed on it. Along the top of the screen was a row of five dials with markings on them which did not look like any sort of writing with which Hertzke was familiar. Below the screen were more dials and some switches or knobs. Behind the seats was a wall with a closed door in it. Beside the door were what might have been lights. Hertzke looked to see if there were any jet exhausts or rocket outlets, but there were no holes or apertures other than the door.

At this point, Hertzke became suddenly unnerved as if he were being watched. “I was scared,” he later reported. “I figured that if I didn’t bother them, they wouldn’t bother me”. So he left the craft and drove the cattle down the trail. When he got home a few days later it was to learn that sightings of an orange-coloured UFO had been made nearby a day or two before his encounter.

From ALIEN ENCOUNTERS by Rupert Matthews - Kindle edition available

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