Sunday, 4 December 2011

Odd Goings On in Nile Street, Sunderland

An odd series of events took place in Nile Street in 1949. Again broken windows were involved and a ghoulish face seen peering through windows. At night some people reported hearing footsteps echoing down the street when nobody else was within sight. It was all very strange, but at least one local man thought he had the answer. Shortly before the touble began he had seen two men climbing on the roofs of the houses and, taking them for burglars, had given chase. These thieves were suspected of staging a fake haunting in revenge, but it seems a touch unlikely and in any case nobody was ever caught perpetrating the haunting.

Nile Street does seem to have had a history of odd goings on. In 1952 workmen found an ancient passageway under the street that ran for many yards, but ended in both directions at what seemed to be cave ins. In the 1970s builders discovered dozens of skeletons in what seemed to be a long-forgotten graveyard. Meanwhile, the Windsor Castle pub hit the headlines in 1997 when a cleaner arriving to open up one morning was startled to see a man already in the room. He looked at the cleaner and said “I’m wanting the foundry”. The startled cleaner stepped out of the door to summon aid, but when she went back in the man had vanished even though there was no way he could have left without the cleaner seeing him go.

It was later discovered that the property had been built on the site of tenements. Back in February 1907 a man living there had been killed in an accident at the foundry where he worked. Had the mysterious intruder been the ghost of this unlucky former resident. We will probably never know.

from HAUNTED SUNDERLAND by Rupert Matthews

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