Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sad Spectre at Weare Gifford, Devon

A short way downstream of Torrington, the River Torridge winds across wide meadows, which flood frequently after rain, then skirts the little village of Weare Gifford. The road from Torrington crosses the river, then runs across the flood meadows before the reaching the ancient church, built safe and dry on a small rise in the land.

It is along this damp stretch of road that the sad spectre of Louise Dillon has been seen. This unfortunate young woman was murdered here by her farmer husband in May 1887. The cause of the violent quarrel, witnessed by several villagers, was never established. Within minutes of the killing, the husband William Dillon slit his own throat. The soft outline of the woman has been seen walking the fatal road towards their cottage home. Where the couple was not fortunate enough to live out the full years of their lives. 

from "Haunted Places of Devon" by Rupert Matthews

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