Monday, 21 November 2011

Haunted Badger

The church at Badger stands beside a wide pond, fringed by rushes and inhabited by ducks and geese. Beyond the pond once stood the elegant Georgian mansion of Badger Hall. The old house is gone now, having been demolished in the 1930s, but its site and the route to the church are still haunted by the beautiful Grey Lady of Badger.

When she is seen, the ghost is so lifelike that some have mistaken her for a real person. She has long, golden hair that falls in waves to her back and has a charming smile that some believe has a somewhat sad tinge to it. Her dress is long and full in the skirt, though tighter around the body. Although widely known as the Grey Lady of Badger, her dress is often said to be cream or even pale pink in colour.

It is not entirely clearly who this lady was, nor why she flits so restlessly between the old manor and the lake-side church. However, when the hall was being demolished workmen found a stout wooden casket hidden beneath some flagstones. Inside was hidden an impressively large engagement ring. Did this hark back to some broken engagement that led to a  broken heart? We don’t know, but given the sad smile of the beautiful young lady ghost of Badger, it is more than likely.


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