Thursday, 1 September 2011

A UFO Flap in Surrey, England

One aspect of the UFO phenomenon has been, that of “flaps”. A UFO Flap occurs when a large number of UFO sightings are made within a relatively short space of time and from a restricted geographical area. Why these flaps occur is a mystery, and the solution has much to do with what the UFOs themselves might be.

With hindsight, the Surrey flap of 2007-2008 probably got under way on the Easter weekend of 2007. At 9.30 in the evening a large object was seen over the Hogs Back, west of Guildford. The object seemed to be rather insubstantial, almost as if it were composed of shifting, glowing gas instead of being a solid flying mechanical craft. The object gave off an intensely bright orange light for some minutes before fading from view.

A few weeks later, the precise date was not recorded as the witness did not come forward until some months later, another UFO was spotted over Worplesdon. This object was rather more conventional, being disc-shaped and silvery-grey in colour. It flew silently over the Jolly Farmer pub.

In June, a round, red object was sighted flying over Addiscombe. The witness saw it for only a few seconds and was unable to give a clear description of the craft.

On 5 August a UFO was spotted flying over Croydon in the early afternoon. A young couple were in Shirley Road when they saw a round, white object heading north. They at first took it for a helicopter, until they realised that it was moving in complete silence. Looking more closely, they saw that ti was a smooth, oval shape with no obvious wings, rotors or other protuberances. They estimated that the object was rather larger than a van and that it was moving quite fast in a straight line.

The next sighting came on 15 September at Wonersh. It was 10.30pm when a group of eight UFOs came into sight. They were arranged in pairs, with a single light at front and rear. The lights were steady, not flashing as do those of aircraft, and far too bright to be stars. They were heading toward the northwest in complete silence. They flew on without changing direction until they were out of sight.

On Christmas Day 2007 December 25th 2007 another sighting took place, this time  at Effingham. It was about 7pm when three spherical objects came into sight from the north. The witness called his family out into the garden to watch, so that in all five people saw the lights. The lights were much brighter than those of the aircraft often seen overhead in the area. The three glowing balls of light were heading southwest. They remained in vision for almost three minutes before vanishing from sight.

The very next day another sighting was made north of Guildford. The weather was dull and a thick blanket of cloud blocked out the stars and high flying aircraft. At 9pm a man slipped out of his house to smoke a cigarette in the garden. He then saw a flame-coloured round light approaching from the south. The man watched the object fly silently through the sky, puzzled by what it could be. Just as he was finishing his cigarette he saw a second, identical object in the southern sky. He called a friend out to watch and together they saw this new intruder repeat the flight path of the first. Both objects were flying underneath the clouds, and so could not have been stars or other natural objects. The witness recalled that there was a very gentle breeze at the time and that the objects were going in the same direction, but much faster.


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