Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Spooky Stone at Bettiscombe, Dorset

Probably best left alone is the Wishing Stone at Bettiscombe, Dorset. This is an ancient megalith that stands proud and alone on the hillside high above the village. As its name suggests, this standing stone has the power to grant wishes, but Midsummer’s Night is not the time to come here in search of help. On that shortest night of the year the stone tears itself free of the ground and lumbers down the hill to drink at the small stream in the valley below. Then, as dawn approaches, it climbs back up to its ancient home.

Also on the move is a phantom hearse that haunts the lane outside Bettiscombe Church. Drawn by a pair of black horses, the black carriage moves slowly towards the church in total silence. Whose funeral is being recreated, or what the apparition might mean, nobody is terribly certain.

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  1. I love all these local stories that many villages have connected with standing stones, barrows and so on. You can see why when visiting them that they inspire tales. There is something eerie, ancient and fascinating about them.