Thursday, 28 July 2011

An unusual ghost in Worksop, Notts.

The National Trust maintain an odd little property in Worksop in the form of “Mr Straw’s House”, otherwise known as No.7 Blyth Grove. The house is, at first sight, identical to thousands of other Edwardian town houses to be found in Worksop and across the country. What makes this place unique is that after the death of Mr William Straw in the early 1930s, his son and heir, Walter, refused absolutely to have any changes made to the house. He lived the life of a recluse until his death, when the property was acquired by the National Trust.

The Trust keeps the house in its pristine original condition, only undertaking necessary repairs. It has period wallpaper, furniture and garden, while the only heating is by way of open fires and lighting is by gas.

The identity of the ghost is not hard to guess. It must be Mr Straw, senior or junior. He walks noisily around his old home, presumably to ensure that still nothing has been changed. He is heard more often than seen, his footsteps changing clearly in tone as they move from carpet to floorboards and back again.

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