Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Ghost of Well, Hants. First Hand Account

Not far south of Odiham is the little village of Well, with at its heart the Chequers pub. This charming 15th century structure has a distinctive olde-worlde atmosphere to it with wooden beams and open log fires, giving a warm and welcoming greeting to the large numbers of regular customers. A former barmaid here told me that “people are always seeing things”, but quite what the things were that they were always seeing she was not entirely certain.

Fortunately I managed to get hold of the new landlord as I was writing this book. He responded to an email, writing:

“I have been here two years, and have to say that during the early part of my tenure, strange things did happen here.

“The ghost is reputed to be that of a landlady, who apparently was murdered in the cellar area of the pub. She is thought to be fond of one corner of the seated area of the bar area - and when I took over I used to push a table right into the corner where she liked to sit. In the night, I could hear furniture being moved and when I went down to investigate, would find the table I had pushed hard into the corner, moved out by about two foot!

“Another odd occurence was that the hot water tap in the gents loo was being turned on full during the night, even though I had made sure it was turned off securely before retiring.
This activity seemed to stop shortly after my black cat arrived at the premises - or maybe she (the ghost) doesn't see me as a threat anymore!
“Roy Burgess-Wells”


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