Monday, 4 July 2011

The Ghost of Greestone Steps, Lincoln

Rather obscure, but seen  often is the ghostly vicar of Greestone Steps. The narrow alley that runs south from the far eastern end of the green runs between houses, then grows steeper, passes under an arch and becomes a flight of steps that drops down to the lower part of the city. It is up these steps that the ghostly cleric toils his way.

Jane, who lives just 100 yards away in a house with views to the cathedral, knows the phantom well. “People are seeing him all the time. He even features in that Ghost Walk the tourist people organise round here. Of course, they tell an awful lot of nonsense about him, you know. Saying he glows with an inner luminescence, interferes with cameras and jumps about shouting boo, I shouldn’t wonder. But he is real enough. I saw him once, some years back now. It was mid-winter and dark, though it was not yet five o’clock. I was walking up the steps, and a stiff climb it is too, when I just happened to glance ahead of me. Now I was all alone, see. I knew that as you can see right up those steps from the bottom. But suddenly there was this man there. I saw him as he walked into the light cast by that lamp-post that is up near the top. He walked into the light and I saw him. Tall he was, but bent forward a bit so I could not see his head properly. And dressed in a long, dark coat of some kind. Then he walked on out of the light and was gone. There was no footsteps like you should hear on the stones and though you can see the arch by the light beyond it, he never went through it. So there was me and a vanishing ghost in a coat. What did I do? Well just carried on walking up the hill. I had to get home to cook tea for the children didn’t I?”

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