Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Some Wayside Spooks

The Bridge at Eardisland
The lane that runs from Hereford to Weobley goes passed the gates of Wormsley Grange. It is around these gates that two imposing spectres are to be seen. They appear sometimes together and at other times separately.

The first phantom is that of a pretty young lady dressed in a long silk gown that seems to place her in the late 18th century. She wears a beautiful jewelled necklace and her fingers are heavy with rings. The second ghost is that of a tall gentleman dressed all in black and wearing a tall hat with a narrow brim. The ghosts linger by the gates, then turn away from the road to walk up to the house.

Although nobody seems to know who these ghosts are, it is widely believed that they can be seen only by those born between 11pm and 1am, that is around the time of midnight. An odd pair, it must be said.

Altogether more straightforward in a ghostly sense is the lady who rides her horse along the B4362 near Yarpole. She rides a prancing grey mount which trots along the centre of the road to the consternation of motorists who come across her suddenly. Some say that in the 19th century she was exorcised into Haugh Pool, but if so then she must have overcome the powers of the clergy to return to her old haunts.

The bridge that carries the lane out of the charming village of Eardisland crosses the tranquil River Arrow. The bridge is said to be haunted by some phantom of awesome power. This ghost, it is claimed, can cause horses to bolt, cars to break down and pedestrians to flee in blind panic. Perhaps fortunately it has not been encountered for some time.

Another haunted bridge is that which crosses the River Monnow from Kentchurch to Llangua, in Wales. The ghosts that are seen here are dancing their way over the bridge. They are described as being the phantoms of half a dozen finely dressed gentlemen accompanied by an equal number of beautiful ladies. Others think that these apparitions are fairy folk. Either way, it is probably best not to interfere with them.

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