Monday, 20 June 2011

Australian Yowie Reports

Thereafter the reports of the Yowie continued to be made in Australia, but in less detailed fashion. In 1930 Mr N. Hambly was near Wollongong, NSW, when he saw “a strange animal ... a wild bear”. In 1931 a girl called Molly saw “ a huge man with a funny head and long hair.” In 1933 Lola Irish was in the Megalong Valley of the Blue Mountains when she saw “a giant, hairy ape-man”. A couple of years later stockman Joe Carroll was riding out near Kempsey, NSW, when he saw an odd creature. “He was almost within 50 feet when he saw this creature about 5 feet tall with long hair and heavily built with long arms. When the creature saw him he got up from a sitting position and walked away with a steady gait.”

On 7 August 1970 Rex Gilroy was resting in a Bush area near Katoomba when he saw what he took to be a hairy, human-like creature walk across a clearing only a few feet away from him. Gilroy then began looking into Yowie reports and soon became convinced that a species of giant ape-men lived in the Blue Mountains. He established a natural history museum and spent his time trying to prove his claims. His work was not always very well organised, and Gilroy did sometimes make claims that could be disproved, but he did succeed in establishing the Yowie as a subject for serious research by others interested in cryptozoology. That, in turn, made people more willing to make reports about encounters with the Yowie.

In 1976 Billy Southwell was resting late one evening in his cabin near Lake George, NSW, when his dog began barking excitedly. Southwell opened the door and stepped on to the porch. Standing at the end of the verandah was an “apey-like” creature about 5 feet 8 inches tall. It was heavy set and muscular with ginger-brown hair about 2 inches long over its body. The creature turned and fled as soon as Southwell appeared.

In May 1977 Geoff Nelson was driving near Taree, NSW, when he saw a human-shaped beast well over 6 feet tall and covered in hair bound into the road from his right, run across the road and leap over a fence to disappear into woodland. In August the same year John Croker was riding a motorbike along a road near Talbingo, NSW, when he saw in the woods a human-shaped, hair covered figure about 9 feet tall. He rode off at speed, but returned later with companions. The creature had gone, but there were broken twigs and brush to show that something large had been there.

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