Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ghosts at Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire

The little town of Edwinstowe lies in the heart of ancient Sherwood Forest, so it is apt that stories of Robin Hood abound here.

The charming 12th century church, for instance, is said to be the place where Robin married Maid Marion one summer’s day after he was pardoned for his outlaw ways by King Richard the Lionheart. Two miles northwest of the town is a huge hollow oak tree, known locally as Robin Hood’s larder. It is said that the outlaw used to hang his poached deer from the upper branches so that it would mature nicely before being eaten.

A second oak, the largest in England, stands north of the town and goes by the name of the Major Oak. This tree, too, is linked to Robin Hood as it is said to have been the spot where he had his main camp in the forest. It is here that the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre has been built with its car park, cafeteria and displays. Although the Forest once spread from Nottingham to Mansfield, this area contains probably the oldest trees and may be as close to the forest known to Robin Hood as the modern world can get.

Robin Hood apart, the woods around the Major Oak are haunted by a strange entity. It does not seem to have any definite form, but it is most definitely unfriendly. Some people walking the paths around here have felt that something is following them and have the distinct impression that they are unwelcome. They leave hurriedly.

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