Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Ghostly Aircraft of Romney Marsh

Around Old Romney a rather more dramatic haunting takes place, usually in mid-afternoon. The customary quiet of Romney Marsh is disturbed by the throbbing roar of approaching aircraft engines. These are not jet engines, but the piston engines that power propeller driven aircraft. The noise gets louder and more insistent, though no aircraft can be seen anywhere in the sky. Suddenly the engines take on a more urgent and dramatic tone which turns into a terrifying scream. Clearly the aircraft is diving down at great speed. And it is in trouble if the shriek of tortured metal and the rising howl of the engines is anything to go by. As the volume of noise reaches a crescendo of ear-bursting intensity it suddenly stops. Quiet returns. It is as if nothing has happened.

Locals claim that this noisy performance is given by the ghost of a German bomber shot down over Romney Marsh during the Battle of Britain in 1940. No wreckage has ever been found around Old Romney, but the marsh is a deep place and could easily swallow the wreckage of an aircraft, especially if it hit the ground fast enough to bury itself in the deep, soft earth.


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