Friday, 11 March 2011

A Florida Poltergei

In January 1967 paranormal researcher Suzy Smith was being interviewed on WKAT, a local radio in Miami Florida, when the radio station received a phone call from Bea Rambisz who claimed that the place where she worked was haunted by a ghost that smashed things. Smith decided to investigate and went to Tropication Arts Inc, a company which wholesaled various souvenirs, fancy dress novelties and other light hearted objects. She discovered that strange events had begun in the middle of December when some glass mugs were found smashed on the floor when the staff arrived for work. As the days had gone by the damages increased steadily until by the time Smith became involved about a dozen objects were being broken every day. Typically, an ornament would fall off a shelf and smash on the floor when nobody was near it. Just occasionally an object would shatter into fragments as it sat on the shelf.

The manager, Alvin Laubheim, had called the police in soon after Christmas. A sergeant had been searching the warehouse when a beer glass had slid off a shelf and crashed to the floor in front of his eyes. The policeman assumed that it had been pushed from behind by somebody he could not see. He then whipped out his pistol and shouted “I’ll shoot at the next thing to move”. Within the next few seconds no fewer than 15 objects flung themselves off shelves. He holstered his gun and left hurriedly.

Smith called in other investigators to help her. Together they carefully ruled out any normal methods by which the objects could be moved. Smith, meanwhile, had noticed that the damages occurred only when one particular employee, 19 year old Julio Vasquez, was in the warehouse. When he had a day off or was out on a delivery nothing happened. She interviewed Vazquez who denied causing the mayhem, but did admit that he was unhappy in the job. When he got a new job elsewhere the trouble ceased abruptly.

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