Monday, 17 January 2011

The Noisy Ghost of Linslade

Quite what it is that has upset the ghost of the Buckingham Arms in Linslade nobody knows. But everybody is agreed that he must be very distressed indeed to indulge in the antics that he does. Not that he is present the entire time. Sometimes months will pass with not a sign of him.

And then, early in the morning, the front gate will unlatch itself and swing open to hang loosely on its hinges. After a few seconds, just long enough for someone to walk up the short, front path, loud knocks sound on the door. And the Buckingham Arms is in for a disturbed day.

On such days, the ghost crashes about in the cellar, sounding for all the world as if he is smashing the barrels to pieces – though damage is never done. Or he may run up the stairs with heavy pounding footfalls and seem to dash from room to room opening and slamming doors – though no doors ever seem to move.

Who this noisy ghost might be is unknown. Why he crashes around so loudly is utterly obscure. Like all the ghosts of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, he comes to the mortal world and intrudes noisily and dramatically for a while. Then he like the other ghosts goes back to wherever it is they came from.

And they leave the good folk of Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire to return to their more normal, day to day activities.

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