Friday, 28 January 2011

The Annoying Ghost of the Lion Hotel, Worksop

There can be no doubt about the cause of the haunting at the Lion Hotel in Worksop, recently refurbished and now part of the Best Western chain. The ghost here is Alice, a girl employed as a servant back in the early 18th century. She had the misfortune to fall desperately in love with the then owner of the hotel. As a prosperous businessman, he had his eyes on a richer dowry and refused to have anything to do with an impoverished, if pretty, servant girl. Distraught, the girl hanged herself.

The phantom girl is encountered in the older part of the hotel, most often in the corridor over the archway that connects the yard to the street, or on the staircase leading down from the corridor to the bar. She also frequents the kitchen, though there she is not seen so often. When she does put in an appearance, she can be a real nuisance. She bangs doors, throws open the fridge door and moves utensils around when nobody is looking.

More sinister is her behaviour upstairs in Room 201, a room not often rented out to the public and usually used by off-duty staff. One lady staff worker was resting in the room in the summer of 2002 when she woke up with a start. The atmosphere in the room was hot and oppressive, and she could not breathe. The sense of suffocation was as if a pair of hands were pushing down hard on the chest, stopping any breath being taken. After a few seconds, the feeling passed and the temperature of the room returned to normal. A most disturbing experience.


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