Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Ghost of Worksop Canal, Nottinghamshire

The cause of the haunting along the banks of the canal just north of the Priory is rather clearer, the ghost itself more substantial. The ghost appears as a young lady, dressed in a long dress of a pale colour and with a thick woollen shawl drawn over her head and tied, or clasped, beneath her chin. She has her head bowed so that her face can never be clearly seen. She walks in total silence along the banks of the canal then, as she approaches the bridge in Priorswell Road, she fades swiftly from view. This is the ghost of a young woman whose body was pulled from the canal in the 1870s. Whether she had committed suicide or died as a result of an accident was unclear, though there were no marks of violence on the body. The name of the girl was kept out of the papers, but it has long been rumoured that she was the daughter of a prosperous local family.

Whatever the sad truth behind her death, it seems the girl’s ghost cannot rest and returns night after night to retrace her last, fatal walk down to the dark waters of the canal.

This is an extract from Haunted Places of Nottinghamshire by Rupert Matthews

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  1. Ha ha, walk down here everyday and never heard this one before! The ghosts of the monks in the priory I've heard several times but not seen them myself yet.