Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Ghosts come to Godstone for Halloween

 The spooky world of the supernatural came to Godstone in time for Halloween in the form of author Rupert Matthews who gave a talk about ghosts in Surrey to a packed meeting of the Godstone WI.

The ghostly highwayman of the White Hart in Godstone took centre stage, but the beautiful young lady who haunts Reigate’s St Mary’s Church also featured, along with the  freaky phantom of  Cobham’s bridge over the River Mole, the spectral monk of Waverley Abbey at Godalming (who is said to be guarding a vast hidden treasure), the poltergeist of Finches Rise, Merrow, and the apparition of Mr Thompson at 85 High Street, Esher.

The talk was part of an ongoing launch programme for Rupert’s book “Paranormal Surrey”.

After the talk, author Rupert Matthews said “I was delighted to come to Godstone and talk to the WI. The county of Surrey may wear a face of suburban and rural normality, but lurking not far below the surface is an unequalled amount of paranormal activity and strangeness. In my book, I draw together a terrifying and intriguing collection of first-hand accounts and long-forgotten archive reports from the county's history. From big cat sightings and ancient monsters to poltergeists and UFOs, this compendium of the bizarre events that have shocked and frightened the residents of Surrey is richly illustrated with a range of modern photographs and archive images. Finally revealing the story behind many of Surrey's most famous myths and legends, whilst also shedding light on some lesser known paranormal phenomena, this book will fascinate those who are unaware of this side of the county's character.”

To book your talk by Rupert Matthews on ghosts, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Yetis or related paranormal subjects contact him via his website on

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