Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Roswell UFO Crash - The Debris Field is reported

When rancher Mac Brazel walked into the office of Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox some time late in the morning of 7 July neither man could have had any idea of what events were about to unfold. Wilcox was later to say that if he had known what was going to happen over the next few days he would have handled matters very differently. Brazel would soon be of the same opinion. But neither man knew then what they would realise later, so events unfolded as they did.

At first the rancher in his old clothes come in to report some odd debris on his land was dealt with by a deputy, but when the deputy saw the odd debris in the box he called Wilcox over. Wilcox fiddled with the strange pieces of what seemed to be metal and fabric and asked Brazel a few questions. Brazel seemed to Wilcox keen both to report what he feared may have been an aircraft accident of some kind, and to have somebody come and clear the rubbish off his land. Wilcox called Roswell air base, suspecting that if anything odd fell out of the sky then it was most likely to be something to do with the secretive USAAF bases in the area.

A few minutes later Frank Joyce, the announcer and news reporter for local radio station KGFL, called the Sheriff’s office. This was a usual routine for Joyce who called most days to ask if anything newsworthy had happened that he could pass on as a matter of public information, or as an interesting anecdote to live up his programme. Still not taking Brazel and his debris very seriously, Wilcox passed the phone to the rancher. Brazel and Joyce had a quick chat that resulted in Joyce broadcasting a short item about a mysterious crash of strange debris taking place near Roswell.

In hindsight, this small incident would come to assume great importance. If those who believe that an alien spacecraft did crash at Roswell are correct then Joyce’s short news item was the catalyst for everything that would follow. Up to this point, the USAAF had managed to keep a tight lid on the crash and had stopped news leaking out. Barnett, Holden and others who had seen the Crash Site had been effectively silenced. The area around the Crash Site had been cordoned off by armed guards. Everything had seemed to be under control. But now news was out. As we shall see later it is alleged that it was at this point that a highly complex and effective cover up was begun.

Meanwhile, the developing chain of events was dragging more and more men into the Roswell Incident. 

This is an extract from Roswell by Rupert Matthews

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