Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Poltergeist in Nile Street, Sunderland

Another poltergeist struck Sunderland in Chester Terrace, off Trimdon Street, in 1966. As well as the usual banging and scratching, this poltergeist delighted in throwing objects about. A few windows were broken, and it was this that got the police involved. Determined to catch whoever was casuing this criminal damage - a prankster was thought by the police to be to blame - the police staked out the area. A couple of days into the operation the police arrested a man who was apprehended with a metal bolt in his hand which he seemed to be about to throw. The man was charged with all damages caused in Chester Terrace in recent weeks and hauled off to court.

At his trial the man admitted that he had been intending to throw the bolt over a backyard wall as a prank, but denied that he had ever previously had a hand in the spooky goings on. He was able to produce his local vicar who gave evidence that the man had been in church at the time when at least some of the windows had been broken. The man was acquited, and although the strange events continued they gradually tailled off and ceased.

This is an extract from Haunted Sunderland by Rupert Matthews

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