Monday, 12 July 2010

The Strange Ghost of Callow Court, Herefordshire

A more conventional spectre is the gentleman in the wide-brimmed hat who haunts Prior’s Court at Callow. The fashions of the ghost seem to place him in the 17th century, while the flamboyant hat and jacket on which witnesses remark have encouraged many to state that he is a cavalier. Tradition has it that he was walled up alive here during the Civil War and left to die by heartless Roundhead troopers.

There is no documentary evidence that the story is true. However, it is known that Lord Levan and his Scots army swept through here in July 1645. Levan’s Scots acquired an ugly reputation for looting and violence, though whether even they would have been capable of such coldly ruthless treatment is not certain. The Civil War was, with a few notorious exceptions, fought out according to the rules of war as they were generally accepted in the 17th century.

This is an extract from Haunted Gloucestershire by Rupert Matthews

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