Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Sad Spectre of Robertsbridge, Sussex

This is a short, gentle walk that takes in a varied collection of historic buildings and scenery as well as some spooky ghosts. It can be completed fairly quickly, but still has much to offer the walker.

From the railway station, head east along Station Road to cross a small brook, the Glottenham Stream.

You are unlikely to meet the ghost that haunts this bridge, unless you are visiting after heavy and prolonged rain. And in that case some of the later stages of the walk might be decidedly uncomfortable. The village is named after the bridge over the River Rother that will be crossed later, but this little stream was for generations crossed by a simple ford.

It was here in the later 1700s that a sudden flood of waters rushing down from the hills to the west caught the villagers of Robertsbridge unawares. The floodwaters rose rapidly, tumbling down the valley with ferocious speed. A little girl aged 9 was swept away and drowned, her body being found miles down the Rother a few days later. Her ghost has returned here whenever floods rise to turn this gentle little brook into a raging torrent as on that fatal day so long ago. Presumably she comes back to ensure that no other children fall victim to the Glottenham.

This is an extract from Ghost Hunter Walks in Sussex by Rupert Matthews

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