Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Facchini UFO sighting of 1950

Although occupants were being seen in, beside and close to UFOs all over the world in the later 1940s, there was still little clue as to what the ufonauts were actually doing. They came and went, but nobody seemed to have much idea about why. The best that researchers could say was that the ufonauts must have some purpose to their visits and, perhaps, might one day tell us about it.

Then the ufonauts began to interract with humans and their behaviour began to offer some clues about thier intentions. Unfortunately those clues tended to be inconsistent and often contradictory. But then it was rapidly becoming clear that there was more than one type of ufonaut.

The Italians were early starters when it came to interracting with humanoids linked to UFOs. At about 10pm on 24 April 1950 Bruno Facchini saw what he thought was lightning through the windows of his farmhouse, though no thunder was to be heard. Going out to investigate, Facchini saw a disc-shaped object resting on the ground near a telegraph pole. It was emitting a low, but persistent buzzing sound.

Standing around the object were four figures, each about five feet tall. The figures were dressed in tight grey outfits rather like overalls and each wore a transparent face mask which had a tube running from it. One of the figures was holding a tube-like device from which came the lightning like flashes. Facchini thought the figure was using the device to do some repairs or other work on the object.

Facchini watched for some time. The thought then occurred to him that he ought to offer to help, so he stepped forward and called out. The humanoids seemed to see him for the first time and held a hurried conversation in a gutteral language. One of the figures then pointed a tube at Facchini. A flash of light blasted out, knocking Facchini off his feet to land a yard or two away on his back. While Facchini scrambled upright and fled, the figures vanished into the object which took off quickly and accelerated out of sight.

Next day Facchini ventured back to the site of his encounter. The ground was marked by scorching and there were indentations apparently made by landing legs.

This is an extract from Alien Encounters by Rupert Matthews.

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