Saturday, 20 February 2010

Local Book Signing Event in Reigate Bookshop

On Saturday 20 February local Author and Ghosthunter, Rupert Matthews, signed copies of his new book “Paranormal Surrey” at Bookworms Bookshop in Reigate.

The event included a book signing session, a talk about local ghosts and an open discussion with local people.

Rupert said “Bookworms proved to be fantastic partners for this successful event. The advance publicity was effective and we had plenty of people coming into the shop for the hour that the event lasted. We sold copies of the book and I was able to chat with locals who had experienced the paranormal in the Dorking area.”

The ancient county of Surrey has a rich history of strange events and even stranger sightings. In this book well-known local author Rupert Matthews, an expert on the subject of the paranormal, draws together a terrifying and intriguing collection of first-hand accounts and long-forgotten archive reports from the county's history.
Richly illustrated with modern photographs and archive images, and filled with tales of puma sightings, UFOs and the ghosts that haunt Surrey's highways and byways - and much more. This book will delight anyone with an interest in the darker side of Surrey's history.

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