Friday, 15 January 2010

UFO over Levelland, Texas - Close Encounter of the Second Kind

An early case to achieve widespread publicity happened on the night of 2 November 1957 at Levelland, Texas. The fact that this took place just an hour after the Russians had launched humanity’s second artificial satellite probably had something to do with the publicity.

At 11pm Patrolman A.J. Fowler took a phone call at the Levelland police station. The phone call was from a man named Pedro Saucedo. Immediately Fowler could tell from Saucedo’s voice that he was in some distress. Saucedo reported that his truck had broken down after he saw a bright light in the sky, but that it was now working again. Unable to get many details from Saucedo and thinking the man might have been drinking, Fowler logged the call but took no action.

Some days later Saucedo and his friend, Joe Salaz, gave a rather more coherent account of what had happened. As they were driving west from Levelland on Route 116 they had seen a large flying object shaped rather like a torpedo coming toward them. As the object got closer their truck engine had coughed and then died, the headlights blinking out almost immediately after.

Saucedo got out the truck to get a better look at the rapidly approaching object, which he thought was about 200 feet long. It was pulsing with yellow and white light and giving off a tremendous amount of heat. The object passed by without pausing and headed off east. A few seconds later the truck’s headlights came back on and Saucedo was able to start the engine. He continued his journey to Whiteface where he found a payphone from which he made his phone call.

Fowler was, meanwhile, in for a busy night. About an hour after logging Saucedo’s call, Fowler took a second call from a Mr Watkins. This caller reported seeing a an object shaped like an elongated egg about 200 feet long resting on the road a few miles east of Levelland. As he approached the strange object, Watkins’s car engine had cut out and his lights gone out. A few seconds later the object took off and headed north. The car headlights had then come on and the engine was able to restart.

Fowler had barely hung up when he got a third call from another man reporting an almost identical incident north of Levelland. A fourth call followed from a terrified truck driver northeast of Levelland. Three more calls were made the following morning, making a total of seven motor vehicles that spluttered to a stop after encountering a UFO that night.

By 1am, Fowler had alerted all patrolling police vehicles to the bizarre reports he was receiving. Patrolmen Lee Hargrove and Floyd Gavin spotted the UFO at a distance, but it was moving too fast for them to catch it. Fire Marshal Ray Jones had picked up the police radio traffic and drove out to join the UFO hunt. He too saw the UFO and although his engine promptly spluttered, it did not stop.

Once the local newspaper printed the story, over 50 local residents came forward to say that they had seen a strange light or object in the skies around Levelland that night.

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