Friday, 8 January 2010

The enigmatic Karin Page

Karin Page, founder of the Star of the East spiritual healing centre in Kent, England, had been seeing ghosts since the age of six, but it took a message from the ‘other side’ to finally convince her.

“One day my elderly mother-in-law promised me that she would come back after her death so that I would have proof of the survival of the soul. I didn’t take it seriously at the time, but two months after her passing all the clocks in the house starting behaving strangely. They all showed a different time and a travelling alarm clock rolled off the shelf and crashed at my feet just as I was telling my daughter about how oddly they were all behaving. Another day the phone jumped off its holder on the wall and started swinging from side to side. Then the electric blanket and toaster switched themselves on. Each time I felt a chill in the air. It was Mary trying to tell me that she was with me.

“The final proof came when I went to a spiritualist meeting and was told by a medium, who I’d never met before, that my husband’s mother was trying to communicate, that her name was Mary and that she had died of cancer, both of which were true. She just wanted to say thank you for all the time I had looked after her. Then the medium said that Mary sent her love to my husband, my son and his girlfriend and she named them all which left me speechless. The only thing I couldn’t understand was when she said, ‘I’m with Emma now’, because I didn’t know of an Emma in the family. Mary had never mentioned her. Afterwards I learnt that Emma had been Mary’s sister who had died 11 years earlier. Since then I have smelt Mary’s talcum powder on many occasions and I know then that she is watching over me.”

Positive benefits

English medium Jill Nash believes that the job of a psychic is to provide evidence of survival on the other side to give comfort to those left behind, not to impress clients with manifestations of ectoplasm and moving objects.

“Initially I talk to spirit in my mind and ask for their help. I feel their presence and can sense if they are male or female, but I never see them. I’m not communicating with the dead because nobody ever dies. They are the same personalities that they were in life. They are simply discarnate. I ask them to give me names and details that only the client will know which helps the client to relax and open up. Then I close my eyes and visualise drawing that person closer so that I am absorbed into their aura. When I make the connection I get excited. It’s like having a present that you can’t wait to open. At that point I usually feel a warmth and I might see a colour or a letter, or a combination of letters. If, for example I see them surrounded by blue I will know it is a communication issue and I’ll ask them if they know of anyone whose name begins with the letter I’ve seen or a place beginning with that letter that has a significance for them. That’s the starting point. It’s an entirely intuitive, automatic process. It’s like picking at a strand in a ball of wool. It unravels slowly. When the spirit has something to add it impresses itself in my mind. I only receive what the spirit wants me to have at that time. It wouldn’t help me or the client to know all the answers. We would stop working things out for ourselves and would only put an effort into something that would guarantee to reward our efforts.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t tell my parents about my psychic experiences when I was young because they were very religious and were frightened of anything which challenged their faith. It made them uncomfortable. I used to sense a presence occasionally and my mother would shut me up by shouting, ‘I don’t want to hear about dead people.’ But I was never scared because I know nothing really dies. Energy can’t die. It can only be transformed.”

Jill sees a medium’s role as helping the bereaved attain closure by facilitating a reunion with their loved ones.

“On one particularly memorable occasion I opened the door expecting to see a little elderly lady and instead saw her and her late husband. He walked in behind her. She was, of course, unaware that he was with her but I could see him plain as day, although he was fainter than a living person, almost transparent and there was nothing to see below the knee. He was tall and slim and when she sat down he stood behind her with a satisfied grin on his face as if he was thinking, ‘At last, now I can tell her what I have been trying to say to her for months’.

“As soon as we were settled he communicated to me telepathically, mind to mind, that he wanted me to tell her about a rose. Of course I didn’t know what he meant, I hadn’t met this lady before. But she did. He had apparently been trying to create a new type of rose by grafting and it hadn’t taken while he was alive but he wanted her to keep the plant alive because he knew it was going to work. I described the plant and the type of pot it was in and the fact that it was underneath the front window of their bungalow. Of course I had never seen their house but I could see it in my mind as he transferred his thoughts to mine.

“He wanted her to know that he was alright and that he was with her if she wanted to say anything or share her feelings. He told me to tell her that he often stood behind her when she sat in her armchair in the evenings and that if she felt something like a cobweb brushing against her cheek or a gentle pat on the head that it was only him reassuring her that he was still around. And as soon as I said that, she admitted that she had felt these things and had wondered if it was him, although she couldn’t trust her own feelings or believe that he was really there.”

Jill’s experiences have convinced her that the dead remain the same personalities they were on this side of life and recalls an incident with her father’s ghost which revealed that he had not lost his mischievous sense of humour when he passed over.

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