Thursday, 21 January 2010

Early Skunk Ape Reports

There are a series of reports from the southeastern area of the USA that have attracted much less publicity and interest than those from the northwestern states. They are, however, just as internally consistent and appear to be no less credible. Some researchers treat these reports as if they were part of the same Sasquatch enigma. Others tend to ignore them as they do not fit the pattern for the Sasquatch of the forested mountains of the west. Some, however, see them as evidence of something different from the Sasquatch. Locally the sightings and evidence are put down to a creature called the Skunk Ape, a name given to it because of the terrible smell that is so often reported. The state of Florida is the site for the majority of reports, so the creature is sometimes called the Florida Ape.

The earliest report that contains what were to become the traditional features of the Skunk Ape was made in 1900. The local newspaper of Hannibal, Missouri, reported that a strange ape creature had been seen on an island in the Mississippi. It had been captured by a passing circus, which claimed it was their escaped orang utan. They had not, however, reported a missing animal, and orang utans cannot swim which makes it something of a puzzle as to how the creature got to the island. A second report come from 1949. Two fishermen out on Sugar Creek, Indiana, were chased off by a rather aggressive creature that they identified as a “gorilla”. However, it was not until the 1960s that reports began to be made in any real numbers.

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