Monday, 18 January 2010

Close Encounter with a UFO at Trenton, New Jersey

In 1957 a Close Encounter of the First Kind took place over New Jersey that shows other features of UFOs. A lady in Trenton who preferred to remain anonymous was clearing up her back room at about 2pm on 6 March when she heard her dog barking in the backyard. Going out to see what was causing the fuss she saw that the dog was barking excitedly while looking upwards. Looking up herself the woman saw a round flying object some 150 yards away about 50 feet across. The woman likened its shape to that of a derby or bowler hat. The central domed area was about 30 feet high with steep sides while the flat bottom extended beyond the dome to form a rim about 15 feet wide. The colour and texture of the object was that of pipe clay, a smooth but dull off-white substance.

As the woman watched, the object began to rock or sway slightly from side to side. A low rumbling noise began that grew louder, then faded only to become louder again. There then came a soft whooshing noise and the object rose vertically straight up to disappear into the clouds.

The woman immediately phoned her husband, who was at work in New York. He advised her to write down an account while it was still fresh in her mind. This she did, later sending the account to the USAF where it was quietly filed away in Project Blue Book.

The object seen over Trenton continued the same description of a round shape with a rim reported elsewhere. Because it was seen at close quarters in daylight details of its movement could be made out. The wobbling or rocking motion is one that has been seen in many UFOs.

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